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WNSB Hot 91 is looking to advance the landscape of music production in a manner that promotes progressive thought-provoking discussions and life-altering change.

The purpose of the HOT Indy Playlist is to spotlight independent music artists, writers, producers, and performers who have positive messages to convey to listeners of Hot 91.


HOT Indy Playlist Rules

Let’s Get Your Music Registered
All songs must be original and copyrighted. As an artist, it is very important that you own the rights to your song in order to have your music played on WNSB Hot 91.

Register Your Music
Register your music with either ASCAP, BMI, or professional music and publishing registering company. You can register with ASCAP or BMI.


How to Collect Music Royalties

Get Your Royalties
All artists should register to enable you to get paid for your published material when purchased. ASCAP and BMI are tasked with tracking every play of every song and pays artist royalties according to how many times a song is played by businesses, organizations, bands radio stations, television programs, concert venues, restaurants, and many other outlets.




All music must be clean.

WNSB Hot 91 is looking for music with a message, such as social and economic injustice, political change, non-violent, family-oriented, conscious lyrics.

WNSB Hot 91 wants our audience to get a taste of new clean music that does not involve editing. No profanity, vulgar language, or down-talking the opposite sex will be permitted.

This is an opportunity for you as an artist to grow your vocabulary and challenge yourself to create uplifting, inspirational, and positive music that does not have to be bleeped out or edited.

HOT Indy Playlist is designed to showcase the talent of Virginia and surrounding area artists who are able to speak through their music, consciously and positively!



All Genres are Welcome.
Upbeat, fun, and mellow music accepted with a positive message.


Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Spoken Word, Gospel, Jazz,
Reggae, House, World, EDM


Acceptable Formats

Common, John Legend, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Lauryn Hill, Kid n’ Play, and Virginia’s own, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, and Pharrell Williams are great examples of the progressive sound we would like the artist who submit music to follow. We strive to air a socially conscience Hip-Hop & R&B music format, with time limits and specifics on the type of files we will accept.

All songs must be mixed and mastered and cannot exceed the time limit of 3:30 seconds. All songs are to be uploaded in the mp3 format – 320 Kbps, 44100 Hz, Stereo (4.4:1).

Email music submissions to:


Interview and Social Media

While your song is being played on WNSB 91.1 FM it would be very beneficial to promote on all of your social media sites that we are playing your original piece. Also, be prepared to do a radio interview if you are selected to be live on air.

Just like we want your music to be positive, please keep the content that you post on your social media relating to Hot 91 clean, as well as have a professional appearance if you are chosen to do a radio interview.


HOT Indy Playlist Content

Keep cultivating your craft, by practicing your talent every day and studying different genres of music. Keep it positive and WNSB, 91.1 FM will help you get your music heard by the masses.

Email music submissions to:

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