N95 vs KN95

Written by on January 19, 2022

“When I make N95s in the U.S., the manufacturing is overseen by the federal government. They audit us, they visit us, They make sure that we make them properly. KN95 is a Chinese standard, but nobody oversees the manufacture of KN95s. I could make KN95s in my basement and nobody would knock on my door as I sold them,” Warren said in a Tuesday interview on his production floor in the city’s Tech Center area.

The N95 does not have ear loops, but a double elastic band system that fits across the top of the head and back of the neck, designed to create a tight fit. The mask material is electrostatically charged to help attract and filter out airborne particles, including COVID-19.

With the omicron coronavirus variant on the rampage, orders are piling up for a company that says its mask fits and filters better than any other.

The Difference Between N95 & KN95


N95 vs KN95

N95 vs KN95

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